JITE Corporate Social Responsibility Commitment

Nov 17,2023

Corporate Social Responsibility commitment

The company strictly implements the provisions of the social responsibility statement, and makes the following commitments in accordance with ISO26000 social responsibility requirements and the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and is willing to accept the supervision of employees and relevant functional departments.

1. Applicable law

All applicable national laws and regulations, industry minimum requirements, International Labour Organization and United Nations conventions and any other more demanding mandatory requirements shall be complied with.

2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

Subject to local regulations, the Company respects the right of all employees to freely form and join unions and bargain collectively.

3. Discrimination

The Company does not engage in or support discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, race, social class, social background, disability, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation or age in matters relating to employment, pay, training opportunities, promotion, dismissal or retirement.

4. Salary and compensation

The company shall ensure that wages paid in a standard working month meet at least the legal or industry minimum wage and meet the basic needs of employees, as well as provide some discretionary income, ensure that wages are not deducted for any disciplinary purposes, and pay on time.

5. Working hours

The Company shall comply with local laws and industry standards regarding working hours and ensure that every employee has at least one day off after six consecutive days of work, and all overtime work must be voluntary and paid in a certain percentage.

6. Workplace health and safety

The Company can ensure that employees are provided with a safe and healthy place to work and live, that workplace regulations and dormitory conditions do not violate basic human rights, that minors are kept away from harsh, dangerous or dirty working conditions, and that every employee is trained in health and safety.

7. Prohibition of child labor

The Company prohibits the use in any form of child labor under local regulations or those who have not completed the age of national compulsory education.

8. Prohibition of forced Labour and disciplinary measures

The company shall not force employees to work, and shall not require employees to pay a "deposit" or store identification documents when employed. The Company shall not engage in or support corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse.

9. Environmental safety

The Company complies with all international and local environmental laws and regulations to strengthen environmental protection and reduce its impact on the environment, and must meet or exceed the minimum legal requirements in respect of waste disposal, chemical and other hazardous substances disposal and destruction/discharge and pollutant disposal.

10. Management system

The company has established a sound management system to ensure the full implementation of the ISO26000 standard, and regularly reviews compliance and announces it to all employees, so as to better meet and exceed the requirements specified in the ISO26000 standard.