Talent is the most valuable resource of Jett, and people-oriented is the cornerstone of Jett's career.

Together with the company to create the future of society, to combine the growth of the individual and the growth of the company, we adopt a recruitment plan based on the premise of cultivating long-term talents at Jett. When recruiting, we do not only consider your professional skills, but also pay more attention to your own potential, passion for work and whether your future development is in line with the growth of JITE.

During the interview, be sure to describe more about your future career plans and what you hope to do. In this way, we can communicate with each other to understand and judge whether JITE has the work and environment you want, and whether JITE can provide a platform for your career growth.

JITE advocates the work concept of "people-oriented company, employees to learn, companies and employees to cause as the source", and sets up a learning, professional and dedicated work team. Through various forms of training, improve the comprehensive quality of the team, create a core team, to each employee comfortable and orderly working environment, safe and comfortable living space, tolerance, friendly interpersonal relations, continuous growth, rich material and spiritual life, in the continuous development of self-transcendence to create extraordinary performance and results.

The driving force of enterprise development is reform, the essence is innovation, the key is talent, and the core is to give full play to the creativity, enthusiasm and initiative of talents. Jite is committed to establishing a fair, competitive, motivating and merit-based employment mechanism, creating an environment conducive to talents coming to the fore, building a stage for each employee to show their talent, and creating a cradle of career achievement.

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