2023 JITE Employee Recognition Award Ceremony

Jan 29,2024

As the Spring Festival of 2024 is approaching, the company held the 2023 year-end commendation Conference and tail tooth feast. January 28, this is a special day, because it is not only the first recognition conference and tail tooth feast after the epidemic, but also the 28th anniversary of the establishment of our jet, so the company deliberately chose the 28th day.

Looking back at 2023, Jett has achieved good results in all aspects of work with the joint efforts of all employees.   The strict management of all departments, clear responsibilities, dedication, so that the company shows a united, positive, efficient and pragmatic good working atmosphere, the management level is becoming more mature, staff skills are gradually improving. The company arranged a grand and warm annual meeting scene for everyone, and also prepared wine, cuisine and sumptuous prizes while recognizing excellent employees and outstanding staff.

The development of each company is absolutely inseparable from the hard work of all employees, and each department will emerge a group of excellent employees and excellent employees, who are the model of the department, but also the backbone of the company, and also the example of all employees. Their performance is very outstanding, whether it is work discipline, or work ability, can be unanimously recognized by the company leaders! At the annual meeting, the company awarded the outstanding staff, excellent staff and special contribution awards. At the time of lottery tickets, toast, and award, our faces were full of joy!